Dying, dying of thirst

Mouth patched

Skin cracked

Fissure and crevices

Open up

Carving the whole

Space into pieces

Pulled apart

Ripped from edge

To edge


To no place

Shrinking longitudinally


Across planes

In search of a wetness

That could pull

Side to side

To center

Heal the wounds

Burrowing the burning sky

Where it should not see


Bits and pieces

Parched planet

Swirl and collide

Turning into dust

Powdering the air

Draining out any last bit of moisture

Covered, covered completely

A shell


In dying up, drying up

Dandelion yellowing carbon confetti

Ashing the sky

Grey orange

Sickly sticking to the static

Crackling air

Pops and sparkles

As it burns itself out

The nothingness

Holds still

In remembrance

Of water.