One (for our Father)

We are but one come framed by bone and cloaked in flesh.

Seemingly singular inexplicably connected to the infante.

The past, present and future collapse into a singularity composing a life - a lived life.

Upon which one's heart always gives all that it has got.

Beat after beat reminding the body to breathe in and out.

The invisible air - God's breath fueling our every act.

Rising and falling, good or bad, abandoned or held tight all do this becoming.

Suffering either brutally or gently is the way we find soul.

While in the mindfulness of grace the beauty of the temporary is revealed.

Fear falls away and we expand consciousness, literally growing.

Closer and closer we move towards the light from which we had forgotten we had come.

All knowing fragmenting and fracturing, unbound by laws, awaiting our want ready to give.

These bodies are receivers taking in to output.

The fathers' seed plants within the womb of the mother and what was one cell divides into two and so on and so forth.

Energy building upon energy.

Light invisible to the naked eye perfectly forms the child.

Half of each parent embodied in a new one.

The baby breathes in, I am alive, the baby breathes out, I will die.

The contract of life is written in breath.

The duration of a life always perfectly timed.

At ones, physical end hearts will break lamenting the illusion of loss.


Forgetting the invisible, the light that no soul could ever be separate from.

The spark from which we were made adds to the omniscient light that can not and will not ever burn out.

The heart will retire from its unrelenting job.

The last breath exhaled.

Our light returns to the light from which it had never left.

The veil lifted.

The illusion gone.

I am you.

You are me.

We are but one.

Eternally one.

Farewell Father.