In no hurry to go nowhere

Sudden stop rains drop and drop

Concrete slab sat

Windblown bits of rain stain the page

Wet ink blurred edges

Sky open pounding at the blue above

Behind thunderheads, sun seeps

Creeps there listening

Erratic rhythms splatter against steaming asphalt

Lushly wet flooding falling

Green jumping out of the grey

The lawn laughing lapping it up

Relief from heat

Distant thundering

Flowing draining sucked up

The sky, fallen in chards of weeping indigo

Rumbling tumbling

Echoes reverberate off bending plums of white

All in the distance so near

Sticky dermis moist dewy

Umbrella useless against torrential waters

Pouring down fumbling around

Drowning out the silence

Silver light filling up everything