Magic Making

I watched once the making of magic

The sound of it came tapping at my dreams

I tiptoed to the rhythm

Peeking through a slice of light

She stood with a force that could silence the sea

Black fabric ragdoll pierced over and over

Metal to wood again and again

My heart swirled adrift in her sea

I so small she at least fifty foot tall

My shadow and I disappear into the darkness frozen

Grandmother in her secrets room releasing life

Belly split open top to bottom

Hidden I watched as all the world spilled forth from the ragdoll wound

Dreadlocks the color of earth danced upon her head

As she sang into the world the creation of green and red

Complements pulled from her caldron of rusting nails bones and blood

The spell dangled from her tong just out of ears reach

Loud enough for me to know to go

Retracing my steps from memory

Slipping back between sheets

Sleep replaced by wonder dreams of magic awakened me

My grandmother the witch, me her boy in between

Her magic my protection meant only for the two of us to see

I watched once the making of magic

My life, the dream that is dreaming me.