Clumsy elegance

Makes shapes misplaces

Misshapes the path to becoming

Stumbled upon tumbled

Tripped over tung-tied

Been denied then tried & tried

To hide the empty

Fill up the spaces

Replace all traces

And yet so shallow

Depth delinquent

Tranquil thankful

Gratitude gracefully bowing

Cowing down into

Depth of perception

Depth perception

Cataloged camouflage

Patterns petering out

Summersault insult

Hindering the hindrance

Hydraulic descending

Depending on loves loss

The consistency of empty

Particles bounce off the echo

Tremors wake the quaking

Pinned down the sound

Hallowed out the whole

Sum of all parts

Dart delinquently

No care no affair

Eyes stare empty windowed

Trance, sleep or death

Distance keeps growing

Knowing only its end

Suspended disbelief

Keep keep keeps

Repeats thub-dub thub-dub thub-dub

Rubbing hands

Anxiously scratching

Invisible itch

There in the ditch flickers

Evidence of light

Insight in sight

Toes tapping their morse code

... --- ... --- ...



No calling out

No falling out

Only soft sequencing

Life preserver lost at sea long ago

Memory remembers remembrance

Wet and warm on edges of mouths

Teardrop dripped

Sipped in


Salty sea outside taffy pulled apart

Thick Fog

Soggy socks squish

Tide turns moon full

Glowing third eye

Haloed edge glimmers

Shimmer translucent pink-orange


Who sees the watcher

Oh soul where did you go

Slipped sideways and spent

Slumped over seated sloppily

Frumpy forbidden fabric

Kling to the sweat

Sticking in the creases

Decrease with each rise and fall

Appalled stalled

Balled stoned hard

Heavy hatred keeps coming

Riotous crowd collecting

Intersecting gridlocked and gagged

Tagged quick scribble

Named numb dumb

Cast away kicked to the ditch

Stitched together rag-doll

Buttoned eyed

Coin covers mouth

Change clinking casually pocketed

Weighing down the sound

Said listen

Hush keep quiet

Feel the silence

Drink it in

Keep it within

Nurture the hazardous lost

Nuclear reactor fuel

Tsunami came crashing

Where did it go

How did it come

It's dripping to the core

What's in store

Imagine look

Visions rise

Tides demise

Done to come

Better run run run

Here comes the sun

Sum of all parts

Came apart

Edges collect expand and explode

Black hole sucks

Flickers ignite

Pulled inward collapsed

Star once was

Once was soul

Once was flesh

Once was thinking

Once was feeling

Once was being

Once upon a time

Story starts

Ends before beginning

Laughter crashes down

Upon time

On time

In time


Lost the fight

Gave in

Took off the gloves

Received the blows

Cold stone hand

Hit beat crushed

Broke the bones

Funny girl flipped

Olive pit cracked a tooth

Dental damage

Clipped chipped chapped

Buzzed the bee by

On the by and by

Where to land can't

Stand the sand

Quick stall

Glide then fall

Save the fuel for landing

Directions left out this part

How to crash

Improvise cool headed


The weight of soullessness

Crashed upon the rocks

Plucked feather by feather

Chicken man

White toast tower

Holder of nothingness

Impossibility probable

Immobilized inertia

Totaling up

Measuring the losses

Memory unstable

Selective recall

Light seeking missile

Pierced heart

Tong jeweled

Kisses forgotten

Gazed into

Nothing returns

The same - Illusion

Need or share

Overeat then repeat

Tastes crunchy

Sunshine like mouthed

Edges turned upward

Caveman crawled out

Concurred and killed

Flew to the moon

Colonized Mars in movies

Death star we made

Traded excess for life

Broke the ozone

Cancer filled air

Lethal light

Denied it all along

Sang the song

We all hummed along

How do it go

Buy buy miss American pie

Nonsense apple eyed

Bullshit driven humanity

Sappy credentials

Disproportionate parts

Equal equality

The sequel

Wash rinse then repeat

Have a drink

Harness the beast

Whispering deaths breath

Worm discomfort

Beads of sweat

Scent of loves lust

Grey impenetrable clouds

Withholding wet

Crept tip-toed

Hush Hush

It won't be alright

Deliriously delusional

Twirl dervishly dancing

Skirt rippling

Suit clenching

Necktie strangling

Rope in the tree

Hope fell out knees

Crow clucked

Sucked all the air in

Then dove under

Swam halfway

Got to the middle

Out of breath

Made a promise

Kept on keeping

Exhaling only ever

Forgetting to remember

What did you say

Please stay

I did

Zombieness became me

Quit quarreling

Gave in

Let go

Joined the show

Played the part

Sat in the dark

Felt the potential

Addled brain pain

Drained dull delinquent

Missing gone missing

Small triangulations

Slice in a line

Black races away

Vanishing points of feathers

Pulling the space

Distancing dashes

Disintegrating clashes

Thrashes diligently darling

Linguist textism

Talking stalking

Minimal expression

Tension gaze lost

Held focused

On the other

Nuanced never was

Forever because

Floor fell out

Buckled underneath

Tension rods twang

Strain silver sap

Iron gold brass bronze

Solid liquids

Salivating marigolds

Cold coming

Drumming up a storm

Rain dance trance

Acid falls

Water calls lost

Constant supply dry

Drugged up down

Plowed empty seeds

Harvest hunt gather

Build collapses

King Queen

The people

Forgotten forgetting

Dismemberment ghost sensation

Heat once was

Beating repeating

Rapturous wrinkles

Time out

In time

In two time

Into time

Blind is always forward

Back attaches from all sides

Hesitation hurried away

No place to stay

Home gone

Into the asphalt

Summersault into splits

Kick - ball - chain

Sustain suspension

Chronic crush

Catastrophe keeping

Silently weeping

Harness the hollow

Swallow hard

Hope flew away

It dashed away black

Back to the sun

Silhouetted sideways

Plays tricks

For kicks

For kids

Four cats calling

Heat missile seeking

Howling starlight

Sparkling too white teeth

Botoxed baby

Plastic plasticized

Memorized frozen old

Cold bold cracked

Crooked kid

Thief of hats

Harborer of humility

Waist waisted

Breath blue

Stale bread

Crust crisscrossed the plate

Still ate

Gorged gallows

Booty filled

Bountiful jewels

Nice boy

Toys tantalize

Bad girl

Swirl twirl baton

Redheaded wonder

Wonderer traveled

Crossed the sea

Walls went up

Boarders collided

Washed up upon the shore

Babe immigrant

Crossed over


Cradled gently

Gone sang the seagulls

Short attention span

Held momentarily

Then forgotten

Migrate might

Be great

Freedoms wait

Castrated cow

Fell down

Knees buckled

Slaughtered pigs

Begin end

Screening murder

The crows flew back

Witnesses watched

Flocked fast

Get past

Away gone

Shadows fenced

No sun to cast

What part worth playing

Don't know

Never Knew

Fell off the stool

Laughed grounded

Like ice

Slipped under

Crashed hard

Pain echoed bones

The dream woke up

To this?

Request sleeps return

Funny gait

Toed in

Snowed in

Flew in

Dropped by

Unannounced visitor

Stranger arched by doorway

Haloed by wood beams

The scent of pine

Needles crushed


Sap stuck

Sickly sticking stinking

Skunk junk

Plastered pen pointed...