Over under toppled crumbling

Flesh fractured

Weaving regenerating


a wonder a wonder I wonder

Torn asunder fear tears tangle between bramble and weed

Seeds sheltered harbored whole seemingly invincible


one by one by one

Making the wreckage weep

The assemblage of me

You keep regenerating

Cell by cell by cell

Watching Trembling

Vibrating heartstrings

Subtly lullabying life

Back to life back to life

The cradle of your will

Rocking gently invisibly

Your determination I ride

Wave by wave by wave

A vessel

You anchor


Link by link by link

Tethering slippery bones

To salty sea

Buoyed by a promise

I'm held

hold here hold here

Safety only ever found in you

My only respite

My home

My heart my heart

It is you

Only you

Always you.


waking waking awake