The Invisible Behind Transparent (a dystopian word work)

The Invisible Behind Transparent (a dystopian word work)

I’ve found God

Clear and life-giving


Recycling consistently

Flowing, falling, dripping

Evaporating raining down

Clouding up in cumulous clouds

Trapped by atmosphere

Forced into a constant state

Held spherically in place

God trapped on a planet

Particles we slithered out of

Crawled out of God

Teardrop like leaking from rimmed eyes

No intention and catastrophic 

We became

God surrounded the planet 

We floated, damed up, built levies

Re-directed rivers, captured in rain barrels

Always the idea of controlling - containing

Defining, claiming, directing

Each clan of humans using God up

Drinking God down as a singular

Touching God being bathed in God

We have taken God into our collective bodies

God courses through our blood

God is blood

God is in a constant state

Or, transformation ever evaporating

Forever moving from here to there

Transported in jet-streams

Free passage

Scattered continent to continent we populated, we polluted

Cracked open a hole in the atmosphere 

God is leaking out

One molecule at a time

Dripping into outer space

God finally free

No time, any time, all-time erased

Never was time



Life evaporated - God gone…

Seeking God to be set free, to be forgiven

We capture, we kill, all in the name of God

God is not dead, God is departing on starlight

Through a hole in the sky, we created

We have set God-free

Finally free, it only took billions of years

God as a space traveler

Astronaut drip drop

Imagine an invisible stream

Flowing up and out away from the earth

God seeping through a cracked sky

If only we had known sooner

That we had been tasting God

That we had God in us

All the time

There was no need for acceptance of, or repentance of, or to receive his love

God flowed through our veins, through our pipes in our homes

In the seas with sunken battle ships

God surrounded the planet in blue

God is not the wind we can’t see but feel, or the color of water

God is not the abstraction of transparency

God is the water that we polluted until undrinkable

That evaporated through the atmosphere, which we broke

An opening was made

God flowed upward and out

Until there was none

No drinkable water

Our end

But not God

God is a martian heading to a new home

We will remain here fighting over water

Dying of thirst

All in the name of God

I discovered God and God was water.