Town/Bar Scene

Town/Bar Scene 

Dwindling and diminishing

The art of disappearing

Becoming the invisible

Time wickedly taking

Faking a lived life

Passed from moment to moment

Disguised by dreams

Fancy flesh decaying

Staying always staying

secretly separating

Fracturing frequently

Keeping slowly seeping

Drip drop plop

tuck and roll

Dive under

Asunder hunker

Crazy cool and collected

Deception drinking down

Sucking down 

Going Down

Towns’ tide pulling

drooling dancers

Decked out falling out

Standing Inverting

Inhaling dust driven

Hot wheel spinning

Hold it Hold it


No breath tasted

Tested Positive

Lost love

And quit

Pretending the pretender

Libation lubricated

Sent sailing

Salty dogs sipping

Nipping heals run

Sun collapsing

Slanted eyes peeping

Shadows gravity keeping

The by and by

Between now and then

This thought that action


Sip slip slide

Condensation collecting

Pushed in pulled out

Lip Locked

Craving connection

Dazzling deception

Space place holding

Dashed away

Trashed anyway

Everyday dreaming

Delinquent Desire

Aspire acquire

Rigorous of heart

A dense mind

Thick with wonder

Ravenous hunger

Fed shit for so long

Sang the song

Knew the tune

Hummed hammered headed

Beat by beat

The tip cracked

Lashed slashed severed

Unstitched the seam

Spilled out

Frills not included


Fool-fill fulfilled

Tip top 

To the brim

Rims edge soft

Lips pucker


Fragrance the stench

Death dangled there

Linking the chain

Knott dully noted

Exasperated per pushing

Tired tears

Rest resenting rain

Clouds puff out

Perfectly blocking

Twinkles dashing

Harassing the night

Flight who flew

Buffalo stew stowed away

Kept Quiet

Quivering on a vibration

Delicately dusted

Tattooed moth

Clinging to his throat

A goat groaned

Hush little hurricane 

Don’t you cry

You’ll die 

Dead too

The darkness always coming up 

summing up the totality 

The sum of all these parts

Dart dangerously close